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Category: Caviar

Is Caviar Eaten Raw?

Caviar is a popular meal around the world, it fish eggs that are harvested, washed and salted before packaging. They are called roe and come from one type of fish called the sturgeon. Caviar is eaten raw and needs only to ingredients to get it ready for consumption; fish roe and salt. You might think that it has a stinky fish smell but caviar has no stinky smell just a soft orb that you pop into your mouth to release fluids. The amount of salt placed on the caviar distinguishes the different grades of caviar as this is most important ever. Caviar and butter have much in common since it has that nutty taste that butter has. Types of Caviar Apart from the taste, other important factors in caviar include the texture, firmness and size. These complement the experience of eating caviar. These are some of the different…