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How Much Does It Cost to Make a Pair of Timberlands?

Timberland shoes are really one of the world’s most famous kind of shoes that have really managed to attract millions of people! Exclusive timberlands are now a trending shoe design that is actually considered to be fashionable and a lot of people really want to acquire a pair of these shoes. Many questions about the manufacturing have been asked and now this article will answer you about the cost of manufacturing timberlands. It’s really important to take a look at the environmental implication and also the real cost of manufacturing the pair of exclusive timberlands!

What Materials Are Used to Make Timberlands?

Notably, all timberland manufacturers use plastic water bottles to manufacture these boots. They actually recycle the plastic water bottles to get the raw materials for manufacturing the exclusive timberlands. Every detail of the timberlands starting from the laces, the faux, the insulation and any other part is really the product of the recycled materials. That being said, the timberland industry also needs the animal leather and fur to give them that amazing look and also the design!

Climatic Cost of Manufacturing

The shoe industry has been actually proven to negatively affect the climate. Their industries are really not friendly to the environment since the leather, fur and also the wool they used to manufacture shoes is the product of animals! This means that the industry kills animals for these raw materials. Notably, climate change has been attributed to these products since the gases they emit will also lead to environmental pollution. Some of Timberland shoes are made of leather, wool, and also fur.

The Financial Cost of Manufacturing Timberland

From estimations, exclusive timberland has been actually shown to cost between 75 dollars o 200 dollars. This cist is actually dependent on the size and also the quality of the timberland shoes you are after. Notably, the price is solely determined by the market and it should be noted that the manufacturer incurs only around 35 dollars for manufacturing. They then determine the price at which they will sell their shoes to the suppliers, that may actually cost only 60 to 70 dollars. The supplies will distribute to retailers at a price above 100 dollars. This means for a consumer or rather a buyer, you will get it at a higher price ranging from 140 dollars even to 180 depending on the retailer.
Notably, the price is quite exploitative and it could have been better if the users order the products from the manufacturer directly. It makes it simpler and economical.


To conclude with, the Timberlands shoes are really not that expensive! It’s the market and the retailers that really price them so high that everyone finds it to be expensive. This fashion is really very appealing and no one really wishes to miss out in fashion! So, it’s wise to buy these products directly from the manufacturers or direct suppliers than the retailers if what you really want is the economic value!