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How to Optimize Instagram Posts for More Engagement

In 2021, Instagram is a must if you have a brand or page to promote. Making an Instagram account is straightforward but knowing how to maximize your posts for engagement and clicks is not. There are many things you can do to help you gain these engagements. Apart from your efforts, you can enlist the help of SimplyGram service.

The use of artificial intelligence

First, let’s discuss how SimplyGram can help you. SimplyGram is an innovative and effective AI (artificial intelligence) tool that sets up accounts on your behalf and messages people asking them to check your page out. It changes its code to match Instagram’s algorithm and pinpoint precisely those who are likely to have their curiosity piqued by your account. In this way, there is an influx of people reaching your account, checking out your page and your products.

Posting attractive content

Second, comes your effort. With SimplyGram driving people towards your account, you have to figure out how to keep them there. Instagram is a visual platform, so your page must be filled with aesthetic pictures. This is the bare minimum required to promote on Instagram successfully. Use photos of landscapes such as mountains, forests, and beaches to incorporate your product with them. If, for example, your brand is about furniture such as chairs and tables, you can have them placed on a terrace overlooking the beach or outside in a garden surrounded by greenery. Brands often take a large landscape, divide it into 6 or 9 sections and post each section with every new post to see the whole scenery when you look at the account and scroll through the feed. This is a good tactic that gets attention quickly.

Pictures of animals gain a lot of attention, too, so you can place them inside with kittens or puppies cuddling on a sofa or a bird perching on its arm. If you promote a restaurant, plate your food with the utmost care and pick cutlery and tablecloths that complement its plating.

The right captions

In case of any announcement about a product or a deal, do not do it in the caption; people only read the caption if the image has successfully caught their eye. Therefore pick a suitable background and type the announcement on it in the least words you can use, and then elaborate on it in the caption.

Show the real life

Another thing to take note of is behind the scene photos. Bts photos are always appreciated as they make your brand seem more human and relatable. Nevertheless, make sure these two are at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing to look at. For example, a well-decorated office with plants, photos, or tapestries is more than enough.

Coming to a reasoned conclusion, following these tips will no doubt increase your engagements and make your account grow at a rapid pace. Humans and machines are a good combination, so utilize SimplyGram to the utmost for promotions and focus on enhancing your feed to attract followers.  Text-heavy images are usually ignored on Instagram; thus, it is better to add more details in the caption instead.