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How to Remain Authentic with Instagram Automation

Instagram has become one of the most essential and integral social media applications that are now also used as a handy tool to promote and market brands, products, and services online. Instagram was initially introduced only as an application used to post and share content such as images, videos, text, etc. It has now evolved into something that is far more useful and engaging. However, the basics of Instagram remain unchanged. In order to have an impactful account, one must have a decent number of followers for which many people use different techniques, including the use of Instagram growth services and different poll ideas like those from this article

However, with growth services, the issue of remaining authentic is still a big question mark. Authenticity concerning the account and the brand is one of the most important things today because getting inorganic followers might be easy, but it seriously damages the overall brand image.

How to remain authentic with Instagram automation?

Automatic posting and engaging consumers is an important activity that is now becoming more and more popular amongst people and businesses. There are a few different ways of automating on Instagram without really losing on the overall work’s authenticity. The top three ways of automating on Instagram include scheduling posts, auto liking posts of other accounts, and auto commenting on the posts of other people. Even though these ways are handy, they also give a hint of inauthenticity in the respect that sometimes it seems as though bots are doing automation and inauthentic accounts bought online while, in reality, Instagram is doing all of this on your behalf.

Automating Likes & Comments

Automating likes and comments is only done by a third party application. However, it must be understood that using the bots and third-party applications for this is a somewhat risky business as this can be caught by the Instagram algorithm and get your account once and for all. These bots usually use the strategy to use targeted hashtags and then program the bot to leave behind comments under the posts. This strategy was earlier advantageous, but now the Instagram algorithm has become far more advanced and intelligent and can easily trace out which of the comments are authentic and not. Hence, it would be smart not to indulge in auto commenting via third-party applications since the risk of getting blacklisted by Instagram would loom large always.

Instagram and Automation

Instagram is becoming very clear for its stance on automation. The application does not appreciate in any way or form, that automation is used to gain engagement. Hence, the short, simple and effective strategy would be to stay away from automated engagement and instead focus on manual engagement, which is very basic and super effective provided that it is done in the right manner.