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Wallor – Most Advanced Smart Wallet


One of the world’s most amazing smart wallets is the outstanding GPS purse with really the most fulfilling and highly rated features! If what you are really looking for is an innovative smart wallet when then you can simply settle on the Wallor smart wallet which is really the most advanced type currently existing in the market! This amazing smart wallet has 7 useful functions which really makes it the most stunning kind! Let’s consider the amazing 7 useful functions of this leading GPS purse!

Key features

Notably, this outstanding wallet is an 8mm slim thick wallet that is actually hand stitched with a high-quality Nappa leather that will actually warrant you with the long-lasting experience! The Nappa leather is really durable and you won’t have issues with it getting easily damaged! Its quality assured for the long service. Other features that really puts its miles away from the rest is the wireless charging ability! Getting a wireless charging device is really something that is just so rare! Its one of the rare qualities that can be found only in the amazing GPS purse!

Other useful features that are found in this amazing wallet is the tracking features that really earns it even more reputation! You will actually love the amazing global GPS system and also the RFID tracking system. Notably it has the ultra-thin stickers that do not need charging. This amazing ultra-thin sticker makes the GPS purse trackable since you can actually stick them to anything and this makes it possible to be tracked by your smartphone or even anything such as the iPad in ranges even that goes up to 160 feet! Other important functional features are also the anti-theft distance alarm, a 2-way audible page and also the AR detection ability. It’s really the best of its kind!

How this amazing GPS purse works

The functionality of this amazing Wallor wallet is just straight forward. If you are that kind of person who is really fond of forgetting some items, then you really don’t have to worry about the GPS wallet since you can actually track it with your AR app’s to find it. The app can actually pinpoint the exact location of your wallet at any place in your apartment ranging between a 50-meter range! In case the items that you tag in your wallet are removed or rather slips away, you receive the notifications in your smart-phone telling you that it has slipped off! It’s really one of the most amazing innovations that will actually make your life simpler!
Notably, the app can even keep the records of the last seen location and you really don’t have to worry when you are just so far away from your GPS wallet! You can still trace it from the last seen location.


To conclude with, the amazing Wallor wallet is really a new thing in the world that you need to consider if you are really attracted to smart life! It’s really an amazing piece with the quality innovations! Acquire it now and be among the happy users of the amazing smart wallet!