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All About Instagram for eCommerce

Instagram, which was originally created as an application for posting photos, has evolved into a real marketing platform. According to open data, more than 25 million organizations, businesses, companies, and brands present their products and services on social network. In this case, many are looking for the most effective sales tools. In particular, selling accounts use the Stories feature as their main advertisement in order to increase the number of clients.

Is it obligatory to use Instagram Stories

At first glance, it may seem pointless to use Stories that disappear after 24 hours for advertising purposes. However, a growing number of Instagram business users are using this particular feature for their promotion and the opportunity to get free Instagram followers. Instagram Stories are at the peak of popularity among users right now. Every day your followers watch your Stories, and they boost you to the first lines of search and become your customers themselves. If we talk about using Instagram Stories to promote an e-commerce company, you can use tools such as product tags and links to go to the site with information about the product or to the form for online ordering of products. This way, you help your subscribers learn about your product and seamlessly purchase it with one click of your mouse. Consequently, you both improve your customer service and increase your sales.

Possible ways to increase sales

For many people, the question of how to start an e-commerce business on Instagram causes confusion. After all, the consumer can’t get to know or test your product online. So your task is to familiarize your subscribers with your products in a way that leaves them with no questions or doubts. And it is necessary to disclose the description of the product, quality, genuine photos, etc., as much as possible. Among other things, do not forget that your loyal customers need to be encouraged. To do this, use novelties – suggest something new, launch a new line of products. This method has already proven effective in increasing sales. Be sure to notify all of your subscribers about the new product with an Instagram post and distribute the post in Stories.

How FOMO helps

Instagram deletes Stories 24 hours after they are published, thereby creating the so-called FOMO effect (fear of missing something important). This can motivate users to follow your account closely and order more quickly. In order to see the positive effect of FOMO, try to use promotions, sales, discounts, and other offers with a time limit. This way, you will create artificial excitement around your products and motivate customers to make a purchase choice faster. Use such a marketing move with Instagram Stories for e-commerce.

Bringing out the benefits of Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing has long proven to be a certain form of recommendation that has an impact on a significant number of people. It contributes to greater user reach and also establishes an audience’s level of trust in products. The greatest number of modern influencers use Instagram specifically to communicate with subscribers. So this social network is the best for brand promotion as well. Feel free to use it to your advantage – collaborate with influencers and get the most out of their influence on your Instagram audience. You can even involve the influencer in the development or production of a new product, offer to be the face of your brand, and more.